Chris Parkes

Torture It Is Not Knowing

February 10, 2012
Is this girl an illusion
am I reaching for the stars
does my heart betray me
has my desire went too far?

Is her picture all I’ll know
am I in over my head
will I fall on my face
I will not stop till I am fed.

Every day I want her more
do I have to go without
will my song release me
is she the rain to end my drought

Torture it is not knowing
has she fallen for me too
do I love all alone
will my dreams all come true with you?

To Live Your Dream

April 12, 2011
To live your dream you have to give
Tis' more than hope, it's how you live

To live your dream you have to wait
Cause most good things will take some faith

To live your dream you'll take a chance 
You must stay strong to keep your stance

To live your dream you'll need your all
With might and courage you will not fall

My Motivator

December 1, 2009
I stop, cuz I drop; I lost my self again  
Pushed myself past the top
Tired I am, lost in this haze, almost being chased
Chased by my mind, a race I can not quit
To quit I'd fall to the ground
The invincible motivator would then punish me
It would make me sick, it would punish me till I learned
Why is it like this
Why can't I be alone in here?  
Who let it in?
I can't stop.  
I can't be sick.  
This is Hell.
Is it like this for all?

Come For Me

December 1, 2009
I've been down for a long, long time.
I hope you've come to lift my mind.
I've needed you to help me see.             
I think you've come to say to me.

Get up now; don't be down.
Wipe your tears; don't you frown.
It's good now; don't you fear.
I am yours; I am here.


All poems are © Christopher E. Parkes, All Rights Reserved 

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